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early September, mid September, late September

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The extensive job database of the Interexchange visa sponsor allows you to choose your dream job in the USA. Within the application you can reach out to employers, request acceptance and select from thousands of jobs.

Simultaneously, employers can contact you and offer you a job. You can reject offers and choose a job that mostly interests you. The database is published worldwide on a „first come first serve basis“, so take a look today into the database, and if you want to apply for a job, get in touch with us as soon as possible.

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Wage and housing


Each employer in the database offers a different wage. You should review the details of the employer you’re interested in, including the specific wage they offer. The base wage is often lower, but when you add tips to it, you can earn more money. Some positions are tipped, check on it!


When choosing a job from the database, you should pay attention to whether the employer provides accommodation, or if you have to find it on your own.

For first timers we recommend looking for a job where accommodation is offered by the employer, avoiding many complications and negotiations with housing rental companies. Typically, a housing deposit is paid upfront as a guarantee that you won’t damage anything in the accommodation.

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Transport and location

Some employers provide transport from the airport, but more often you have to arrange your own transportation to the workplace.

The location of employers from the visa sponsor database varies. Employers are located throughout America, many on both the East and West coast. Nature enthusiasts and lovers of sandy beaches will find a lot of job opportunities.

Positions can be found in smaller towns as well as in big cities. Tourist destinations in beach areas are attractive, as well as the unexplored nature of Alaska. If you would like to work in Amusement park, go for it! There are plenty of Amusement parks in the visa sponsor database.

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Things to do

You can access the InterExchange Job Listings here:



About this employer

An exchange opportunity awaits, whether you’re an international student, professional wanting to experience the United States, or a young American longing to travel beyond our shores. InterExchange has the Cultural Exchange Program for you.

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